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Special Episode: Rocky Mountain Brew Runs Press Release & Mawule New Music

In this press release episode, Mikey D highlights a Colorado organization called Rocky Mountain Brew Runs. They are a locally owned and operated company that creates and promotes beer and fitness.

We also introduce Colorado’s own singer and songwriter Mawule music video “Anything.” To get more information on Mawule visit him at: and please share and purchase his music!

For Immediate Release

Press Contact Info:

Natalie Jones


·        Rocky Mountain Brew Runs has donated roughly 450 fabric face wraps to local breweries, encouraging pick up orders and public access to face coverings

·        The Brew It Yourself Virtual Run was launched to motivate the brewery running community and raise funds for a local charity, Epic Experience

·        Daily Beer Challenges are held every day at 5PM on their social channels

Rocky Mountain Brew Runs is a locally owned and operated running series that partners with breweries around the Denver area. Even in a time of public health crisis, RMBR wanted to support its participants and continue to promote some of Coloradoans’ favorite things: beer and fitness.

What started as a goofy daily beer challenge quickly expanded into a virtual run involving supporting local charity Epic Experience, a participant community group, and a regular showcasing of small local breweries in the Denver area. RMBR has completed a series of face wrap drop to help local breweries reach new customers, raise awareness, and get more face coverings out to the public. “When we realized that we could help out other small businesses with our face wraps, it was really a no brainer. They do a lot more good out in the community than they do in a box in storage,” says Natalie Jones, owner of Rocky Mountain Brew Runs.

Face wraps can be found at breweries around town and are free with qualifying beer purchase. The Brew It Yourself Virtual Run is ongoing and will continue to run until normal RMBR events resume. Daily Beer Challenges are free and available to everyone – they are published every day at 5 PM MST on Facebook and Instagram. As participants have said, RMBR has “made a community expand beyond what may have not otherwise been possible.” For more information, check out Rocky Mountain Brew Runs on Facebook, Instagram, or their site

Rocky Mountain Brew runs brings together what runners and athletes of all shapes, sizes, ages and levels love: beer and running! This series of social fun runs from Colorado’s best craft breweries includes beer, swag and after party with food trucks and our famous Beer Championships!

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