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Today's Podcast Highlight

Special Episode: Rocky Mountain Brew Runs Press Release & Mawule New Music

Rocky Moutain Brew Runs and Mawule Promo
In this press release episode, Mathew Perrymen highlights a Colorado organization called Rocky Mountain Brew Runs. They are a locally owned and operated company that creates and promotes beer and fitness. We also introduce Colorado's own singer and songwriter Mawule music video "Anything."

Babelord – Love Without Wanting

Babelord - Love Without Wanting
The intergalactic Babelord from Colorado releases her new video "Love Without Wanting" now available on Spotify and CD Baby.

Amanda Hawkins-Trust You’re There

Amanda Hawkins
Introducing Amanda Hawkins new single and video "Trust You're There". Amanda is an American Idol contestant and Colorado native.

My Ketogenic Diet: How The Keto Life Helped Me

Metabolic health
Metabolic health is so important during this unprecedented times. While most people are at home, this is a great opportunity to think about what you eat that is impacting your immune system.

Mathew Perrymen’s Episode 1: Activities While in Quarantine

Mathew Perrymen-Episode 1
In this episode, Mathew Perrymen discusses ways Coloradans are coping with being quarantined in the home. He also talks to Sophia Grace about a few heathy tips to keep you active and energized while you are at home. In this episode he features hot new artist singer/songwriter Jennifer B from San Antonio Texas.

Happy Friday Sunshine

Happy Friday, Happy Easter
"Oh! It’s Friday again. Share the love that was missing during the week. In a worthy moment of peace and bliss."

Hip-Hop Artist Chynna Rogers Found Dead

Chynna Rogers
Sad news out of Philadelphia where 25 year old hip-hop artist and model Chynna Rogers was found dead at her home.

Your IQ Is 151 If You Score At Least 9/10

Your IQ Is 151 If You Score At Least 9/10
Your IQ Is 151 If You Score At Least 9/10

Jenny B-Dancing In The Dark

Jennifer B-Dancing In The Dark
Get into the groove with Jennifer B's new club banger "Dancing in the Dark."

The Pandemic, It’s Not The End of The World

COVID-19, Public Service AnnouncementsThe Pandemic, It’s Not The End of The World
The Pandemic, It Is Not The End Of The World. COVID-19 is not joke and should be taken seriously.

Amanda Hawkins-Back In Line

Amanda Hawkins Back In Line
Colorado's own Amanda Hawkins who is a singer/songwriter and an American Idol contestant.

Amanda Hawkins-Denver Nuggets National Anthem 2013 Home Opener

Amanda Hawkins-Denver Nuggets National Anthem 2013 Home Opener
Watch American Idol singer/songwriter Amanda Hawkins sing the Denver Nuggets 2013 home opener National Anthem!  488 total views

COVID-19 Special Episode

COVID-19, Public Service AnnouncementsCOVID-19 Special Episode
This segment we will discuss the Corona Virus and its seriousness. I am Health Pro Reporter Mathew Perrymen, and in this podcast are the facts you need to know about COVID 19.

Keeping Calm In Chaos in The COVID-19 Era

COVID-19, Public Service AnnouncementsKeeping Calm In Chaos in The COVID-19 Era
"Keeping Calm In Chaos in COVID-19 Era" cuts through the BS that folks are getting from the headlines and gives you great tips to refocus your energies.