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Memorial Day: How America Celebrates Our Fallen Soldiers

Memorial Day Vs. Memorial Day

Memorial Day: How America Celebrates Our Fallen Soldiers by Michael DeMatt

Hi this is Mikey D, having served three combat tours while serving in the United States Army I have experienced firsthand what it is like to lose Soldiers who are my brother and sisters.

This editorial is dedicated to honor our fallen Soldiers who have died in combat. Historically, America has been memorializing our fallen since “1971” according to A&E Television Networks, LLC (A&E Television Networks, LLC, 2020, para. 2)

Being a kid of the 80’s growing up in the Midwest and East Coast, I often observed many American’s traditionally go to national cemeteries and memorial sites paying tribute.

However, since that time, I feel as if we as a society are getting away from how we celebrate our fallen Soldiers. In fact, having many discussions with younger generations they tend to honor it much like they honor Veteran’s Day and Christmas. In other words, they celebrate it with happiness, drinking, and grilling.

There is a difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. According to Teresa Verity, blogger for Homes For Our Troops she describes Memorial Day perfectly, “This solemn occasion is a time to reflect on these American patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting and defending the country they deeply loved” (Verity, 2020, para. 2). On the other hand, Veteran’s Day is a day we celebrate all military service members, past and present, who dedicated their lives to preserving our freedom. We recognize them by going out to do volunteer work at veteran organizations, attend parades, and enjoying time with those who are in our family who may be serving.

The purpose of this article is to pay homage to those who have died while serving their country. When you see a veteran or active duty service member on Memorial Day, thank them for their services, but do not wish them a “Happy Memorial Day”. For many, Memorial Day is a painful reminder of their losses they have endured and not a day of happiness and barbecuing on the grill.

In conclusion, when it comes to celebrating our Soldiers, we do not have to make it a seasonal thing, we can, and should celebrate it every day. Thank you to all the veterans past and present you are our heroes.


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