9/4/2020  Gina Marie & Michael DeMattee

Hiring and retaining the right person for the job is important to the operation of your business and to the morale of other employees.

The ability to hire the right person for the job can pose a challenge for many managers. In fact, it can a huge learning curve especially if your are not legal savvy on employment laws.

Here are a quick overview of what we will be discussing on this podcast episode.

* Understanding the position - Job description - Salary- Team dynamics...

* Conducting the interview- Before- Ask- Listen- Observe- Questions from the applicant- Comments from the applicant.

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The Ten Quick Steps in Hiring & Retaining The Right Employee

The hiring process is an art and a science that can not be rushed. The hiring process is not something that should happen on a whim. It can take quite a bit of time and effort to prepare properly for a round of interviews. It is important that you start as early as possible so you do not get caught in a time crunch.

Rushing a decision is what leads most people into making the wrong choice. The  key phrase here when it comes to hiring is be patience and prepared are invaluable tools that cannot be missed.

There are ten important steps that you should follow when you are in need of a new employee – either for an existing position or for one that is being created within the company. These steps are designed to help you identify the right person for the position and follow up with ways to retain the same employee for the long term. 

  1.  Make a Plan.
  2. Understand the Position You are Filling.
  3. Get Organized for the Hiring Process.
  4. Finding the Right Applicants.
  5. Do More Preparations.
  6. Invest in Personality Tests and Evaluations.
  7. Conducting The Actual Interview.
  8. Now the Real Work Begins.
  9. Bringing the New Employee Onboard.
  10. Keeping the Employee.
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