4/1/2021  Mikey D
In this April 2nd, 2021 special edition  Mikey D discusses autism and what it is, and how it affects our children and young adults with autism.  We encourage you if you need to talk about it or if you have some helpful tips for other parents Reachout To Us Now! Your questions and voice count CLICK HERE TO SHOUT OUT!

Tanner Gun Show is back with a bang and has 14 shows scheduled along with the Colorado front range in 2021. Our first show back will be April 16-18 in Colorado Springs at the Norris Penrose Event Center. Tickets will be on sale soon
 In this podcast episode, we spotlight Native Concierge providing quality and professional concierges service for the entire Denver Metro areas. For more information, you can reach Brittani Kay through their business listing at https://www.greatdaycolorado.com/directory/native-concierge-listing-1634.aspx 

  • What is autism?
  • Why does Mike D support autistic non-profit organizations?
  • How does not knowing about autism affect us as a society?
  • How can we bring down the number of child abuse cases?
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