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Who is Mawule?
Mawule as known in the industry is Ebenezer Yebuah. He is originally from Accura, Ghana and rooted himself with his family here in Colorado since age 10. As he found inspiration in music, Ebenezer was determined and focused on making music his career. He has done just that. He adopted the stage name "Mawule" meaning "Only God Knows". Since his beginnings, Mawule has created music that is not only inspiring, but has a message that is uplifting and soulful to the heart.

While many artist has struggled since COVID-19, Mawule has been creating and releasing music on a regular basis. He has also been helping and inspiring other artist to succeed. Reach out to Mawule and his team today to get the tools you need to succeed in the music industry! Visit website below.
Ebenezer Yebuah

Denver CO 80202
United States
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Mawule, meaning “Only God Knows” in the Ewe language, was born and raised in Accra, Ghana. He and his family moved to Denver, Colorado at the age of 10 and has lived there since. Music has always been an integral part of Mawule’s life, but success as a music artist has never been the only goal in mind for Mawule.

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