4/30/2021  DJ Mikey D
On this episode we feature two great artist internationally known Brenda K. Starr and Denver's own Annette Skeens. We will be playing their new music and video. We will also be starting a discussion to discuss racism, racial discrimination, and the alarming anti-Asian attacks that have been happening more frequently over the past two years.
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  • In this episode we discuss the uptick in racial discrimination against Asians in America and overall how do we stop racism. Please join the discussion, add in your comments, help find a solution for change. 

For this episode we put a spotlight on Mike's Music Lessons, LLC. Have you thought, "Someday I want to learn to rock the guitar like a rock star?" If so, don't thing too hard because Mike Morris is here to help. Mike has been teaching music for many years. Mike is currently serving our nation as a Colorado National Guard where he is teaching music and playing music for our nation. Reach out to Mike today to schedule your music lesson.

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