Black Knife Bakery, LLC

Black Knife Bakery, LLC
Denver, CO
United States

French macarons are arguably one of the most difficult pastries to master. For Colorado native, Deviny Herrera, that level of difficulty piqued her interest. When I decided to start Black Knife Bakery, LLC (formerly The Macaron Shoppe, LLC) I knew one thing for sure, and that was the desire to stand out, to offer a different kind of macaron. One that is delectable like a chewy cookie with an abundance of flavor; a flavor that would not need second guessing, but one where the person knows exactly what it is. After sampling macarons that either had an overly crunchy texture and a flavor comparable to powdered sugar or that were like soggy mush, I knew exactly what I did NOT want to provide to my customers. We tend to “eat with our eyes” first, so a pretty macaron was just as important as the taste & the texture. I enjoy expressing my love for the art of macarons by producing everything from vivid colors to warm neutral colors and consistently testing out new flavors to add to my menu.
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Black Knife Bakery, LLC Deviny Herrera
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I've always had a love for baking. Making messes and experimenting in the kitchen has always been a hobby of mine since I was a kid. Growing up, my dad taught me everything from fried eggs to creme brûlée. However, the desserts just stuck, so he would buy me ingredients once a week to practice and make new recipes. As I've grown up, nothing has really changed. I am still constantly looking to try new things and improve my art as much as possible as I love when I get to be creative.

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